Custom HTML Support Suspended

Effective June 30, 2015, DoJiggy will no longer support the use of custom HTML on client websites.

We have moved client websites to the new Twitter Bootstrap user interface framework. This framework provides a fully responsive design for all platforms (desktop, tablets and mobile). Some functions are still being ported and we expect to have the full system ported to Twitter Bootstrap soon. By completing these upgrades, we are providing the latest in web technology and best user experience for your constituents.

The decision to stop supporting custom HTML is due to these recent system upgrades. Using non-responsive web design will severely hamper the mobilized design and functionality of your website. We have found some incompatibilities in elements such as error messages and help text that may cause system errors or impair user function when technology other than Bootstrap is employed. With more and more users moving to mobile devices, organizations will find a responsive template important to their online fundraising and we do not want to hamper this through non-responsive custom HTML.

UPDATE Fall 2015:: We are again supporting the use of custom HTML on all sites. However, we require that our designer complete this work, so that only Bootstrap compatible HTML is implemented. Read more on the package here and contact Sales for more information.

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