Change in PayPal Reporting Implemented

We have just released a new function that excludes PayPal Pending orders from the fundraising thermometers and report totals. Only completed PayPal orders will now be counted towards fundraising reports and goals. Reports that will see a change include: Payment Details, Top Group Fundraising, Top Individual Givers, Pledge By Donors, Pledges by Participant (Pending orders appear but are not calculated in the totals) and Participant Pledge Summary.

This functionality was implemented as clients repeatedly found that donors would make various attempts at donating via PayPal, resulting in multiple PayPal pending orders and inaccurate (inflated) donation totals.

This makes it more important than ever that you correctly administer your PayPal orders.

Please be sure that your IPNs are set, so that your orders are not marked as PayPal Pending. This is necessary to ensure proper reporting and reconciliation of funds.

For orders that are marked as PayPal Pending, administrators can request a Payment Retry from donors. This is done from the order and allows donors to complete payment without re-registering or donating.

Read more on PayPal Pending Orders here.

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