Payment Retry Auto-Sent for Declined Credit Card and PayPal Pending Orders

Today we released a new feature to assist organizations in securing funds from declined credit card and PayPal Pending orders.

Declined credit card transactions and PayPal Pending orders are not likely to complete without follow-up on your part. PayPal pending status means that while a user created an order (registration, donation, etc) on your website, when they were directed to PayPal they did not complete the payment. (Note: this assumes that your IPNs are correctly configured.) The system will now send an auto-generated email notification to your constituents that have a declined credit card or PayPal Pending order, thirty minutes after the order is created. This email will include a Payment Retry link that allows them to complete the order. If they complete the order, the order status will change from Declined or PayPal Pending to Complete (in your admin area – Reports – Orders).

There is a Payments Outstanding widget in your dashboard which shows PayPal Pending and Declined credit card orders. If users do not complete an order even with this auto-generated email, you may need to follow-up and request payment.

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